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My husband and I have taken a great…

My husband and I have taken a great pleasure in working with Danny. TBS is very lucky to have a great person such as Danny work with them. He is highly above average in providing great customer service. He gets everything done so quickly. We have never had to wait to get things done with. In my own personal opinion, Danny is an exceptional asset to your company. Thank you Danny for everything you have done for our Company.

– Ricardo Gonzalez DBA California Cargo Company GP, June 6th, 2019


One Factoring Company That I Go To

I’m a owner operator that has been retired, but for life reasons.... I’m going to go back into business, and there is only one factoring company that I would go back to and that’s TBS. When I was enrolled before, they were great, and I see now they have other services to offer. I’ll be calling soon!

– Doug Lorenzana, Thunder Runner Transport, LLC, May 20, 2019


Kwon provided the best service and…

Kwon provided the best service and explained how to navigate the factoring paperwork process easy and seamless.

–KAH Transportation, LLC., June 10th  2019


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